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Regular meetings - Have regular weekly meetings as well as your staff - with a pre-set agenda for each dating. Keep these meetings to take away than 4.5 hours. Encourage everyone to become prepared by using a brief report on their reports, and any un-resolved circumstances that weren't place to be solved during a few days. This also encourages team… Read More

Google Voice has a transcription service that will immediately notify you if a person leaves merely voicemail and send which you text version of extra. Although GV is still practicing improving their transcriptions and making it more accurate, it may offer you a general idea of the your voicemails are in regards to. If you don't want to waste minut… Read More

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Always thank the person for calling. After the end of every call, always ask if there's whatever else you are able to do for your caller and when not, say "Thank you for referring to. Possess a great day".Each retro phone system along with a the classic style gum shaped control keys. Hopefully you be aware of the kind of buttons my partner and i am… Read More